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5- THE LETTER, photo Hedda H_edited.jpg

Estreno en Canarias de esta clase magistral de teatro Cómico.


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23 Jul | 21:00


Veus que no veus - Roser Arques 3_edited
PEPA PLANA. Voces que no ves

Estreno en Canarias. Teatro Guimerá y Teatro el Sauzal


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23 Jul | 21:00


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cartel A3_AAFF_fic_2022.jpg

FIC 2022

The FIC, Festival International Clownbaret , returns with its XVI edition from October 3 to 16, 2022. The reference clown festival in the Canary Islands recovers its celebration in the street to bring joy to both adults and children, this time without any type of restrictions.

The sixteenth edition of the FIC will offer 132 performances and activities by 29 international, national and local companies, including premieres at national and regional level.

The festival can be enjoyed in more than 10 municipalities of Tenerife (Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Adeje, Santa Úrsula, El Sauzal, Los Realejos, Santiago del Teide, Vilaflor de Chasna, El Rosario and Guía de Isora), in La Palma ( Los Llanos de Aridane and Villa de Mazo), La Gomera (Vallehermoso) and Gran Canaria (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

Festival International Clownbaret is a unique opportunity in the Canary Islands to see the most outstanding clowns on the current scene and to value this artistic discipline.

In this way, FIC 2022 offers proposals of the highest level that diversify our culture. Belgium, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, France and Austria are the countries of origin of the artists who will be present at the FIC together with well-known national and local clowns.

The FIC stands out for the development of a program that offers the viewer the possibility of enjoying great names of international reference without leaving the Canary Islands.

Festival Internacional Clownbaret. History

The FIC is a sample of the humor and creativity of the Art of the Clown in which leading artists participate at a local, national and international level who show us with their shows the breadth of scenic and circus disciplines that encompasses the world of the clown (Physical theater mime, music, magic, juggling and acrobatics).

The INTERNATIONAL CLOWNBARET FESTIVAL (FIC) arose in 2006, in response to a lack of Clown Art programming on the Canarian scene, both in theater programs and in festivals.

A pioneer of its kind in the panorama of artistic festivals in the Canary Islands, the FIC opened a new path in the cultural offer of the Islands, promoting the art of clowning and its theatrical, circus and cinematographic variants.

Among the milestones of the festival, it is worth highlighting what unfortunately became the last performance of maestro Carlo Colombaioni, known for his collaboration with Federico Fellini in the film Il Clowns.

Its programming over the years has featured nationally and internationally renowned artists such as Jango Edwards, Umbilical Brothers, Avner el Excentrico, Les Founambules, Peter Shub, Carlo Colombaioni, Faemino y Cansado, Pepe Viyuela, Gardi Hutter, Tortell Poltrona. , Laura Herts, Aga-boom, Pepa Plana and Fraser Hooper.


The programming of the Payasos en Ruta extensions, in collaboration with the Cabildo de Tenerife and various municipalities on the island of Tenerife, as well as on the islands of La Palma, La Gomera and Gran Canaria, complements the FIC and manages to bring other islands and municipalities performances, social clowns, clown conferences, workshops and family functions. All this is possible thanks to the joint effort of the festival management and its public (national, regional, regional and local) and private sponsors.

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